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embracing queer family:
learning to live authentically in our families and communities

When Nia Chiaramonte came out as a trans woman to her wife Katie, she knew she would be met with a loving response. But she was less sure where this would leave their relationship, their marriage, and their family. Even murkier was what would happen when they began to bring their extended family, friends, and broader community alongside them on their journey of identity formation as a Queer family. They needed a guide for what lay ahead.

Now, drawing on their own experiences as well as their expertise in psychology, spirituality, and family systems, Nia and Katie Chiaramonte offer the tools they wish they'd had for their journey. Embracing Queer Family is a guidebook for Queer families on how to live into their true selves and strengthen their communities through radical love, acceptance, and mutual healing. With hands-on tools for learning and reflection in each chapter, this needed resource tackles issues of inclusion and acceptance and offers practical advice for how individuals and families can honor themselves and find transformation for their whole community through love.

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Whether you are a Queer person on the journey of self-awareness, an ally looking for resources, or a family member seeking advice for how to navigate a loved one's coming-out process, this book is for you.

Though I am cis and straight, my theology has been queered. I see God differently, preach differently, advocate more passionately for a world in which my queer and becoming beloveds know for sure they are magical and created in the image of God. Nia and Katie have queered me, with beautiful work, stories, anecdotes, wisdom, and frank and fierce love."

Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis

Senior Minister for Public Theology and Transformation at Middle Church; author of Fierce Love

Praise & Reviews

"This tender, insightful, and substantive book will help you, your family, and your community respond with love to a queer family member. Drawing from the authors' own experience, it helps you navigate through confusion and conflict to trust, hope, and love." 

Brian McLaren

author of Faith After Doubt, and the upcoming Life After Doom

"A deeply compassionate and helpful guide for Queer and trans folks and the people who love them. Nia and Katie Chiaramonte encourage understanding, differentiation, and loving boundaries--all of which are necessary for strong relationships--and provide a beautiful illustration of the truth that freedom for one person can lead to freedom for others as well."

Austen Hartke

author of Transforming: The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians


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Embracing Queer Family

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About Nia and Katie

From childhood friends to partners in love, Katie and Nia have been growing together for a lifetime. Nia's journey of self-discovery as a transgender woman has deepened their connection and strengthened their commitment to each other. Together, they've navigated the complexities of identity, acceptance, and love, emerging stronger and more resilient.

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